Sweet Menu

Sweet Menu | Les Sucrés

Butter, Cinnamon & Sugar $8
With fresh chantilly cream (brown or white sugar)

Lemon & Sugar $9
Brown/white sugar and freshly squeezed lemon with cream

Jam & Banana $9
With chantilly cream

Organic Canadian Maple Syrup $9
Made in-house to an old French recipe

Our Tiramisu Crêpe $18
A soft crêpe filled with coffee and Kahlua soaked sponge, Kahlua mascarpone cream, Espresso chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries. Unique and delicious!

Try the dish
that won the Christchurch
Food Chase

Les Classiques

Nutella $10
Lashings of Nutella served with either fresh banana, chantilly cream or Greek yoghurt

Pic’s Peanut Butter & Jam $10
served with either fresh banana, chantilly cream, coconut or Greek yoghurt

Whittaker’s Milk, Dark or White Chocolate $10
Served with either fresh banana, chantilly cream or Greek yoghurt (dark chocolate is vegan)

OUR FAMOUS Maison French Caramel Crêpe $10
Made in-house to a very old French recipe with either banana, cream

For the Chocolate Lovers

New “SHE” Hot Chocolate Crêpe   $20
In a unique collaboration between She Chocolate in Governors Bay and Maison de Crêpes – A chocolate crêpe filled with gooey Hazelnut Heaven, chantilly cream, chocolate sauce, toasted hazelnuts and vanilla or chocolate ice cream
• with Reg. Belgian Hot Chocolate……..$24
• with a SHE Hot Chocolate Bomb……..$26

Snickers Crêpe  $18
Whittaker’s milk chocolate, crushed salted peanuts, French caramel sauce, Pic’s peanut butter, salted caramel ice cream

Banoffee Pie Crêpe  $17
Banana, French caramel, biscuit crumb, chantilly cream and Whittaker’s milk or dark chocolate

Orange Intense Crêpe  $16
Whittaker’s dark or milk chocolate, fresh oranges, homemade orange sauce, almonds, whipped cream
      • Add a SHE Award winning decadent date chocolate.  $21

Ice Cream Sundaes

Banoffee Sundae         $12
Vanilla or caramel ice cream, fresh banana, homemade crumble, French caramel, chantilly cream, Whittaker’s milk chocolate

Eton Mess Sundae    $15
Strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, chantilly cream, fresh berries, berry coulis, meringues

Waffles (GF)

Plain Waffle with Icing Sugar      $7
Butter & Sugar                             $8
Cinnamon & Sugar                      $8

Lemon Waffle  $12.50
With lemon and sugar, and chantilly cream

Whittaker’s Chocolate Waffle   $12.50
With banana or chantilly cream

French Caramel Waffle    $12.50
With banana or chantillly cream

Flirty Fruits

Peaches & Cream   $15
Peaches, peach purée, vanilla crumb, mango sorbet and chantilly cream

Crêpe Belle Hélène (Pears in Chocolate)  $16
Pears, chocolate sauce, sliced almonds with vanilla ice cream

Chérie Noire Crêpe (Black Forest Crêpe)  $18
Gooey chocolate cake crumb, black cherries, berry compote, and strawberry sorbet

Crêpe Tatin (French Apple Pie)  $18
Freshly made caramelised cinnamon apples, homemade biscuit crumble, French caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Crêpes on Fire (Flambé)

Crêpe Suzette  $24
The “Queen of Crêpes” Fresh oranges in an orange and caramel sauce, flambéed in Cointreau served with vanilla ice cream.

Pina Colada Crêpe   $26
Escape to the Islands with fresh banana, pineapple, coconut yoghurt and mango sorbet flambéed in a crêpe with rum at your table.

Banana $2 | Strawberries $4 (when available)
Chantilly Cream $2 | Coconut Yoghurt $2.50 or swap 50c
Greek Yoghurt $2 | Berry Coulis $4
Seasonal Fruits $4 | Real Maple Syrup $3 | Biscuit Crumb $3 | Nutella $2 Whittaker’s Chocolate $2 | French Caramel Sauce $2
Jam $2 | Pic’s Peanut Butter $2
Vegan or Gluten Free using Organic French Buckwheat $2

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