All Day Sweet Menu

Waffles (GF)

Plain Waffle with Icing Sugar      $7
Butter & Sugar                             $8
Cinnamon & Sugar                      $8

Lemon Delight                   $12.50
With lemon and sugar, lemon curd and chantilly cream

Signature Waffle                      $18
The French Toast Waffle with bacon, caramelised banana, seasonal fruits, cinnamon, sliced almonds, real maple syrup and chantilly cream

Whittaker’s Chocolate Waffle   $12.50
With banana or chantilly cream

French Caramel Waffle    $12.50
With banana or chantillly cream

Organic Maple Syrup Waffle $12.50
With banana or chantilly cream

Berry Coulis & Whittaker’s Dark Chocolate $15
With banana or chantilly cream

Apple Tatin          $15
With homemade crumble and French Caramel and chantilly cream

Desserts  – Dine in only

Chocolate Brownie Dessert        $10
With ice cream & chantilly cream

Crêpe Cake Dessert
With ice cream, cream and toppings (See specials board for varieties available)

Dessert of the Day
(See specials board or ask your Server)

Ice Cream Sundaes

Banoffee Sunday          $12
2 scoops of vanilla or caramel ice cream, banana, chantilly cream, homemade biscuit crumble, French caramel and Whittaker’s dark chocolate

Banana Split                 $12.50
Whole banana, ice cream, chantilly cream, real Whittaker’s chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, glacé cherries

Snickers Sunday          $14
Creamy ice cream, chantilly cream, Pic’s peanut butter, biscuit crumble, French Caramel, Whittaker’s peanut butter chocolate and chocolate sauce

Pâtisseries  (Dine in or Take out)

Plain Croissant  $5
Savoury Croissant of the Day $6.50
Pain au Chocolat $6
Cinnamon Crêpe Roll   $6
Baguette of the Day  $7
House Made French Caramel Chocolate Brownie $5
Crêpe Cake Slice (Flavours Vary)   $8.50

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