Dinner Menu

Our unique dinner menu available after 5.30pm 


Forestière Crepe (GF)
Ham, cheese and 2 eggs with caramelised
onions, mushrooms and baby spinach.
Chicken, mushrooms and creamy leek Crepe
Tenderloins of chicken with leeks and
mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce
topped with fried shallots and crispy chicken
shards. Served with side salad.
BBQ Chicken & Bacon Crepe (GF)
Free-range chicken, bacon, mushrooms,
caramelised onions and grated cheese with a
generous serving of BBQ sauce and sour cream
on a buckwheat crepe.
Coq au Vin Crepe (GF)
A Classic.
Slow cooked free range chicken thighs in a rich
red wine sauce with button mushrooms, whole
baby onions and garlic. Served on a buckwheat
crepe with a side salad.
Beef Bourguignon (GF)
Delicious slow cooked beef cooked in a red
wine sauce with mushrooms and onions
served on a buckwheat crepe and a side salad.
Scallop mornay Crepe
Scallops in a creamy sauce with leeks and cheese topped with spring onions and lemon.
Served with side salad.
Salmon deluxe
Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, red onion, baby spinach, capers and lemon
with Hollandaise drizzle. Served with side salad.


Goat Cheese Crepe (GF) (VEG)
Goat cheese, honey, rocket, walnuts and
cranberry sauce.
Ratatouille crepe (GF) (VEG)
Eggplant, courgette and capsicum cooked
in a rich, fresh tomato sauce with goats
cheese topping and fried shallots.
(Vegan - topping nuts/seeds instead of
Salad crepe (GF) (VEG)
A low carb, gluten-free buckwheat crepe
with salad leaves, avocado, tomato,
beetroot, carrots, apple, pine nuts,
pumpkin seeds, and feta cheese with a
light dressing.
(Vegan - replace feta with mushrooms)
Grated Cheese $2
Brie or Feta $3
Goat Cheese $4
Hollandaise $1.50
Chicken or Bacon $4
Salmon $6
Caramelised Onions $3
Baby Spinach $3
Baked Beans $3
Tomatoes $3
Side Salad $4

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