French Crepes are similar to a pancake but they are larger, thinner, have deliciously crispy edges, yummy fillings and they are deliciously different!

Crepes come from a region of France called Brittany which is in the North West and at Maison de Crepes we are passionate about making you traditional Breton crepes.

Maison de Crepes Healthy Buckwheat Crepes (known as Galettes)

Our savoury crepes (galettes) are made with organic buckwheat flour imported from France which gives them a truly traditional and authentic taste and look. We generally serve them with simple, delicious fillings, just as they have been doing in Brittany for centuries.

Buckwheat is a superfood – a great source of vegetable protein, high in fibre and many nutrients and our crepes are gluten free. Buckwheat is not even a grain – it is a fruit seed related to the rhubarb family and is therefore suitable for coeliacs.* Our savoury crepes are also dairy and egg free so perfect if you or those you love have allergies or intolerances, or if you are interested in a clean, healthy, low carb alternative to potatoes, bread, pasta or wraps.

How can crepes be healthy?

We fill our savoury crepes with whole fresh ingredients; vegetables and fruits, free range chicken and the freshest of free-range eggs, gluten free bacon and ham, delicious cheese and perfectly melted brie to name a few. Most of our crepe fillings are homemade with no additives, preservatives or added sugars.

* Please note our gluten free crepes are made using the same equipment as wheat based crepes but can be thoroughly cleaned if you tell us you are coeliac.

Sweet Dessert Crepes

Sweet crepes are made with wheat flour and contain eggs, milk and a few secret ingredients that give them the delicate look and tasty flavour we are known for. Our standard sweet crepes are served generally in a triangle shape and they are warm, sweet, delicious and totally moreish! Fillings can be truly decadent with extra whipped cream, gelato or beautiful sauces on top of chocolate, Nutella or homemade French caramel, or they can be as simple as lemon and sugar, or healthy fresh fruits.

Our evening dessert menu is a little more Ooh La La! With the famous boozy Crepe Suzette, our Snickers Crepe, our Crepe Tatin with delicious caramelised apples, our decadent Banoffi Pie Crepe or our crepes with fresh fruit and berries or lemon and sugar.

Nearly all our sweet crepes can also be made gluten, dairy and egg free and many can be made vegan.

Maison de Crepes Coffee – unique and delicious

We wanted our coffee to be deliciously different too so we created our own!

Working with local roaster “The Crafted Coffee Company”, we created a blend of three of the best coffee beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. We call it the Boutique Blend. This combination of coffees creates a really nice chocolate and malt base flavour with some sweet floral and berry notes.

It is a very modern take on a classic French style of coffee and represents who Maison de Crepes are perfectly.

We are proud to be producing high-quality, truly consistent and unique coffee for our customers. Feel free to come and talk to our experienced and passionate Baristas about our Boutique Blend today.

If you drink coffee at home we would love you to try our coffee French Press bags, Espresso Bags or bags of beans available to buy in-store.

Come to Maison de Crepes and do what the French are famous for – fall in love!

À bientôt! (See you soon !)

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